15. Dream on Silly Dreamer


So I watched to movies today. Yay! Actually one of them seemed to be more of a short film, but who cares.

So Dream on Silly Dreamer is yet another movie about Disney (big surprise right?). It’d kind of a sequel to Waking Sleeping Beauty in a way. The biggest difference is that Dream is defiantly not pro Disney, or at least there is quite a bit of rumbling on certain aspects of Disney, mainly the business of Disney.

It is a really good film, especially if your into Disney Animation. It is only 40 minutes, and honestly Waking Sleeping Beauty has a lot more depth. Dream Silly Dreamer is mostly animators complaining about the direct Disney took from 2D to 3D and the mistreatment of animators/the department. Still worth watching though and it’s not like it’s two hours long.

I also watched The Princess and the Frog, though this was for class. Technically we had a class viewing Sunday night, but I chose to watch all of the Oscars instead, which I may post my response to, depends if I manage the time.

I’ve seen this movie before and this is the second time. I’m still not a fan. I like the 2D (and John Goodman!), but honestly it just felt lacking. The songs weren’t memorable. They were enjoyable, it’s y kind of music, but nothing I remember right now. I don’t think the characters were all that great either. I didn’t really care about any of them and they really didn’t stick out.

It’s not a crappy movie, but I’d hardly compare it to the classics and say that it was a huge success. T0 me it fit nicely with the latter 90’s films that followed The Lion King and it’s predecessors. Not crap, but not as good as you expect.

I just got a hold of The Muppet Movie so I’m going to watch that soon (I hope).


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