12. 127 Hours


There is a reason this story was turned into a movie and has been nominated for an Academy Award. It really is that good. That and it’s very moving. 127 Hours deserves the nominations it’s got and deserves to be seen.

Obviously the movie is predictable. It’s from true events and that is part of its selling point. Even if it wasn’t drawn from a true event, it would still be an extremely powerful film. Back to the point, yes we all know he lives in the end. And really that is what makes it so suspenseful. You know he lives, that he is still alive. You know (stop reading if you don’t) that he cuts off his arm. Yet you are constantly waiting. Boyle does a wonderful play with this right off the bat. Franco pulls out the knife after he stops trying to move the rock, you see him hesitate as the blade is raised, and then he starts chipping away at the rock by his arm. Most people know he cuts his arm off, so playing with the viewers like that is a wonderful little thing. I kept waiting to see how things turned out. I mean the film is called 127 hours. Obviously he doesn’t get out right away.

There are a number of flashbacks and hallucinations at some points and I could see where those wold be a turn off to some. They defiantly come out of nowhere, but they do work, especially the flashbacks and “premonition.” What really works in this film is Franco. I love James Franco. I even have man crush on him. That aside, he is a really good actor and proves it once again in this movie. He covers a wider range. It’s kinda funny that I just watched Buried the other day. Granted In Buried Ryan Reynolds is the only person on-screen the entire time (except for one tiny moment). But it’s a similar concept where you have on actor who dominates the screen in close quarters and a life or death situation. Both have their points and I don’t want to compare them really. They’re different. Franco defiantly deserves his Oscar nod, though I honestly don’t know about picking him to win. There are a lot of good performances this year. This is yet another story that I’ll talk about tomorrow or later tonight maybe.

Another side note (not the first right?) is how well the developed his character. The little bit you get to see of him before he’s trapped, lets you see him as a ‘normal’ person. You get to see that he seems like a nice and cool guy. That he isn’t a douche-bag.

So yes watch the movie. Seems kinda of a given at this point, but it is really fucking good. On a final note I guess (maybe) the amputation wasn’t as gruesome as I thought it would be. I do get squeamish sometimes and I figured that this would be one of those instances. There was a lot of build up about it. Really though it wasn’t that bad. Yes it made me tense and some odd feelings, but nowhere near as bad as I expected. The biggest thing that made it intense was that you know this guy really did this. That it isn’t some zombie or alien ripping his arm off.

Watch it and fall in love with Franco and Danny Boyle.


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