11. The Fighter


So the Oscar’s are apparently this weekend, so I’m trying to play catch up on that. I never managed to make it to The Fighter, despite desperately wanting to. Actually I ended up seeing True Grit over The Fighter. Anyways, I just watched it and I was surprised. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, which made it that much better.

It’s a boxing movie, so there are aspects that are absolutely nothing new. What made it stand out are the characters. The characters are different and really captivate you. Part of this has to do with the acting, especially by Christian Bale, who is phenomenal. The boxing is kinda meh, but the story around it is actually really interesting.

Defiantly watch it. And I guess this weekend after I’ve gone over the flicks again I’ll take a stab at some Oscar picks, which I usually don’t really bother with. Mainly depends on what I’ve seen.


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