10. Champion


I have mixed feelings about this documentary (Champion) which is sad. I love Danny Trejo. I’ve always loved seeing him pop up in films, even if it’s just a brief spot. And honestly and didn’t know any of this about him. It’s one of those things that you kinda thing that he probably was a bit of a badass at some time, but nothing compared to the real story, which is what this is about.

It’s a pretty sort film and that cover Trejo from his childhood to now (or 2005 when it was made). He has an insanely interesting story to tell, and I felt a disappointed at how this film was handled. What you get from Danny is amazing as well as the interviews with other actors/friends. The interviewer though is crap and actually kind of annoying. The editor/director also did a horrendous job on the whole putting this together. There are a lot of distracting edits done that just don’t make sense. The movie is constantly jumping around and they reuse footage quite a bit. Again it was also kind of short for the story they were telling. I don’t know whose decision it was to make this a very abridged story, but they certainly did do that.

Basically this movie had so much more potential, but some people behind it fucked up. Despite that it is defiantly a film you need to see, if for no other reason just to learn about Danny Trejo’s life, which is fascinating. It could easily be a feature film in itself, though you’d have to have him star in it, because it wouldn’t work an other way. One little thing that was lovely to see was how much he seemed like a big kid. You could tell how excited he got at certain times and what a kick he got out of things. Always interesting to see that in people, especially when you don’t necessarily expect it.


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