9. Buried

If you like sexy Ryan Reynolds then you will be disappointed by this film. Granted he’s the only actor you see in the film (though you hear others voices), but you pretty much only get some odd shots of his face with poor lighting. I mean the movie is about a guy trapped in a box and that is all there is. Just some shots of a guy in the box. I mean it’s called Buried.

That sounds like I didn’t like the film, which is the opposite. I loved. I’m also able to suspended disbelief. I’m sure there are a number of things just plain wrong as far as realism goes, but neither life nor movies is perfect. Being as the film is literally just various shots of Reynolds in a box, they did a really good job and even had some nifty angles used.

Spoilers~~~~~Spoilers~~~~ Sort of anyways~~~~

Not much of spoilers, but oh well. They did a good job by adding various lighting elements – glowstick, flashlight, phone, lighter. It helped keep things from being so static. It seems simple, but it did help. Same with having moving around. Granted at the time it seemed a bit dull and even a bit hard to tell what he was doing, but if you didn’t have it the movie would have been laacking.

And this is defiantly a spoiler.

He dies! Yes! That made me happy. I mean I knew it was coming. Duh, I had a 50/50 chance. I really wanted him to die though. Nothing personally, I just felt like keeping him a live would have been to… cheesy…cliche….something that I can’t quite put a word to right now. I kinda  like non happy endings at times. I look for it in certain films. I also read something in an article/book about writing where the author said you shouldn’t kill of your characters, because it’s a cheap way out. Initially I disagreed, but he has a point. There are times where it works, but really its better to wrap things up without just simply killing them. In this instance killing him was better.

~~~~~Spoilers Over!~~~~~

So watch the movie. It’s really good. If you can’t handle watching a guy in a box for an hour and a half, than this movie isn’t for you. The acting however is really good. You’ll also get to here Stephen Tobolowsky for a bit. I personally love voice acting, because I love discovering on my own who the person is behind the voice. Especially with commercials or Pixar films.




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