6. Knight and Day


Fell behind over the weekend on posting these, but I did actually watch some movies. I swear!

So I watched Knight and Day Saturday and it was ok. I mean it’s pretty much what you think it is and it does work. If you go in not expecting much, you’ll survive. It defiantly had some incredibly rough spots, but for the most part decent enough to watch when your bored/tired. I’m not much of a Cameron Diaz person, but I do like me some Tom Cruise. I don’t care how crazy he gets, I still like his movies. I’m also able to separate Tom Cruise the regular guy from Tom Cruise the actor. Same goes for Mel Gibson. I like his movies, both directing and acting. He is good. I don’t condone the shit he’s done, but it doesn’t mean I can’t watch any of his movies any more or suddenly think he’s shit in them. Anyways, a decent flick, but don’t go out of your way to watch it.


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