4. Unstoppable


I’m a fan of Doug Loves Movies and Mr. Benson ridiculed this movie for a while, based on its title. It was legit though. I mean really a film called Unstoppable about a train that can’t be stopped. Very lame and obviously not true.

Lame Hollywood titles aside (The American anyone?) this is yet another one of those movies I missed the first time around. My main drive in wanting to see it involved three things. 1. Denzel Washington 2. Chris Pine 3. Rosario Dawn 4. Ethan Suplee. Ok that was four, but point is the cast is what brought me to the movie. That and Tony Scott is legit. I mean the top three are some rather sexy people to have packed into the movie and personally I thought they all did a fine job, though the film hindered them a bit.

The movie is straightforward. If you can’t guess the outcome of the film, than I don’t know what to say. There is nothing clever going on here. You go to see this movie for the action and possibly to see some sexy people and that’s it. It’s a nice flick to just sit back and enjoy yourself, because if you try to take the movie seriously you’ll be insanely pissed off.

I mean the news bits were horribly annoying. They throw in quite a few clichés that made me want to throttle someone. They really do play the whole, “Oh know one of the leading actors is going to get killed!” Twice! Not to ruin anything, but no one dies, which in retrospect makes this kind of a lame action movie. Actually, never mind, someone does die, which means it succeeds. Every good action movie has a death, though this one is a bit lacking with its one casualty.

Again the film isn’t anything special. One thing I wished Scott would have played up was a possible notion of the train being ‘alive’ or ‘sentient.’ There are a few moments when there are some lovely shots of the train and you hear it growl or groan. It was done very briefly, but to me it felt like it made the train a “monster.” I don’t know whether this was done intentionally and sadly I don’t think it was. Personally it would have added a bit of character to the film.

I was a bit disappointed in the thrill of the movie. All I heard was how intense and riveting it was the entire time, but it kind of fell short to me. It wasn’t really that driving. Crank is a much more fast paced energy high film. They added to many pauses that slowed the momentum built.

Still, it was a good film and worth the watch. Defiantly something easy to just pop in if you’re tired.


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