3. Chasing Amy


So I said I was going to watch a Kevin Smith flick and I did. I also choose an excellent one. Chasing Amy, incase you hadn’t noticed the d the picture on the title of the post.

This sounds odd I suppose, but alas it is another movie I liked, and yes I’ve seen it before. I’m not going dwell into detail because I’m manning the radio station, which rally isn’t much.

Kevin Smith has movies that you will either like or hate it seems. He has a very distinct style and audience. From my own experience, I’ve liked his movies even more after repeat watches. You pick up on a lot more in different ways. That and you learn to really pay attention to the dialogue, which is his strong suit in my opinion.

Smith’s early films, like this, have a number of actors before they were hits. Ben Affleck and Jason Lee are the two main ones here. Some of you may have heard of Joey Lauren Adams (Big Daddy, Dazed and Confused). Some people hate her voice, but I don’t have a problem with it. I can kinda see where they are coming from though. You also have brief cameos by Matt Damon, Ethan Suplee, and Casey Affleck. And if you don’t like Ben, I suggest watching his work in Smith’s films because he is really good in them.


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