2. Gone Baby Gone


Day numero 2! I basically busted my ass early today so that I could fit some time into watching a movie today. I’m beginning to think that this may be slightly harder than I thought. This week was really not an ideal time to start this project, but oh well.

Sadly I’ve never seen Gone Baby Gone. It’s one of those films I’ve wanted to watch since it came out, but never have. Actually I think I started to watch it once, but fell asleep right away – which has no bearing on the quality of the movie –  I was most likely just exhausted. The film is based off of Denis Lehane’s book as are the films Mystic River and Shutter Island. Again another thing I want to do, read his books, especially since I’ve enjoyed all of his movies, though Shutter Island was defiantly my least favorite.

If you haven’t figured it out I enjoyed Gone Baby Gone. Actually I pretty much loved it. I’ve seen The Town and it was a freakin great movie as well and anyone who thinks Ben Affleck can’t direct has some issues me thinks. I man both films are getting/got Oscar nods and Gone Baby Gone was his first at directing. Clearly the man has some talent here. I’m apparently one of the few people who likes him as an actor. I haven’t sen all of his movies or probably most, but I have enjoyed some of what I’ve seen. I feel like people tend to associate actors with their films. Thus a shitty film means the actor is shitty, which is not always the case.

Back to the flick at hand, the cast was fucking great. I mean I love Ed Harris and pretty much everyone loves Morgan Freeman, though don’t expect to see a lot of Mr. Freeman. A lot of familiar faces in supporting roles, all of which were superb in my opinion. Casey Affleck. I’m not a huge fan of him in general. Granted there are a number of his films that I haven’t seen, but there is just something that doesn’t click with me most of the time. And it’s not that he’s a bad actor, because for the most part he does a good job, and this film is no exception. He doesn’t quite fit the role though. But than again he does. He comes across as being a bit weak and it’s hard to get that out of your head. His scenes where he attempts to be intimidating fall just short because of that. He just doesn’t seem that menacing, which honestly is partly a physical thing. I can’t think of replacing him from the film though, because he was still good.

A lot of little beautiful visual moments in this movie and the plot isn’t convoluted. There’s a twist of sorts, but nothing mind bending. The best thing about this movie is that it makes you think and I don’t mean that in a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Inception kinda way. It’s a moral dilemma that unfolds and is defiantly something that gets people to think where there technically is no right answer despite what anyone says. To veer slightly, as someone in ‘training’ to be a teacher these moral dilemmas are something I implement in lessons specifically to get students to not only get them thinking about various issues, but for them to think on a different level where they aren’t going to be told off for being right or wrong.

So defiantly watch this movie if you haven’t. I’m already pissed off that I waited this long to watch it.

I initially wanted to start this whole thing with a Kevin Smith film, because he has been an inspiration to me lately, mainly through listening to his various Podcasts. I was initially planning on watching Chasing Amy first, since I haven’t seen it in  a while, but I’ve been sidetracked. Expect to see that or another Smith film here tomorrow or within the week. I also have This Is Spinal Tap coming from Netflix. Please comment or something if your reading this! It would be lovely just to know that someone is reading it. If you hate the two posts I have than feel free to tell me. Give suggestions.

As a P.S. of sorts I recommend people to look into Netflix. I’m not trying to advertise, but I have an account as of this year, for various reasons, and it isn’t that bad of a deal, mainly if you love movies or TV. The selections on instant aren’t always the greatest as far as new hits, but there are a lot of surprising hidden gems there. And loads of TV on instant.


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